Where’s My Water? 2 released for Windows Platform

Wheres My Water 2 Windows 8 (1)

Disney released sequel to famous Where’s my Water series. Humorous reptile (croc) Swampy from the original is now joined by the Allie and Cranky from past sequels.

Certainly biggest additions are new Duck Rush levels during which you will need to “out-dig” the down-scrolling screen. Besides water, you will need to worry about steam and poisons which might complicate the solutions.

Wheres my Water 2 Windows 8 (2)

Wheres my Water 2 Windows 8 (3)

Wheres my Water 2 Windows 8 (4)

Wheres my Water 2 Windows 8 (5)

The game has a potentially bad side. game is free to play but, and that’s a MC Hammer class but, you will need to restore energy spent on solving previous levels before taking up new tasks. Kinda like a cool-down timer. If you are in a hurry, and according to Serbian proverb “Money drills where drill can’t”, by a small monetary sacrifice you can speed things up and even buy in-game upgrades and hints (boo).

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