Windows Exclusive Music Game Salvage Lands on the Windows Store

Salvage Windows Phone

If you love rhythm based music games such as Guitar Hero and DJ Hero, you’ll enjoy the latest game from developers Mad Fellows Ltd. Its called Salvage and Microsoft has got exclusive rights for the game on the Windows platform (at least until the third quarter of 2013) just so you can enjoy it before the rest of the Android and iOS folks can.

Coming back to the game, you control a ship and navigate it through an obstacle filled environment collecting salvage as you go. You will of course journey in tune with the music, which includes contributions from Noisia, Zomboy, and Skism. Additional music packs (Zomboy Pack, Noisia Pack and Never Say Die Records Pack) can be purchased via IAPs. The game also includes a VIP Pack with two exclusive songs which is available at a slightly discounted price for fans.

Salvage 1

Salvage 2

Salvage 3

Salvage 4

Apart from the cool music, you have the option of choosing from among some cool ships and you can also customize them with paint jobs, extra plating to take on more hits as well as options to add more power up slots to go the extra distance. All customizations can be picked up using in-game currency (salvage) or if you don’t mind spending real world currency, using premium currency (tokens.)

Salvage is free to play both on Windows Phone and Windows 8 devices. Click the links below to download them onto your favorite ones.

Windows 8 Store Windows Phone Store

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