Windows Phone Gets Angry Birds Rio High Dive Update

Angry Birds Rio

Before every great movie release there’s a mobile game version launched, well, plenty of times anyway. With the Angry Birds Rio sequel nearing release, its only fair that we have some new content to play with. And right on time, Rovio has updated the popular physics based puzzler to version 2.0 with new content based on the movie.

The update is called High Dive and it comes with 20 new levels plus 6 bonus levels. The high diving action is set in a beautiful Brazilian port harbor. The story goes that the amazing Amazon river dolphins are trapped in underwater cages and need to be rescued. The birds happen to pick up a new move in the update that you probably guessed anyway…diving. The birds will have to hit the water at just the right angles to break the cages and free the dolphins.

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If you have already downloaded the game, just hit update on your Windows phone to get all the fresh content. If you’ve never played the game, click on the  button below to download it now from the Windows Phone Store. The game and the update is available for free on Windows Phone 8.

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