Wings is an Engaging War Combat Game for Windows Phone

Wings Windows Phone

The World War II setting has been a popular theme for many a combat strategy game and the popular trend continues with the latest action adventure game from Digital Footmark called Wings. The game starts off in the beautiful South Pacific islands where you launch your plane from a beautiful runway and then proceed to take down enemy targets that are depicted by a red glow.

Wings 1

Wings 2

Wings 3

Wings 4

Bombs, torpedoes, rockets and bullets are your main weapons of destruction and they are available via virtual buttons on-screen. You control the plane and dodge bullets by rotating your phone while you swipe left and right to change direction. Your planes also have to be frequently re-fuelled so you have to descend to the landing strip and apply the brakes to stop the plane for refueling.

Wings has a decent collection of World War II aircrafts with engaging missions that could entertain you for a few good hours. It is available on the Windows Phone Store for $1.99, but you have the privilege of trying the game before you buy.

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