XBOX Game Ms. Splosion Man is Now Available for Windows Phone 8

Ms. Splosion Man Windows Phone

Windows Phone 7.x users may be familiar with an action platformer that released way back in April 2013 called Ms.Splosion Man. The game was not available for Windows Phone 8 devices at the time and Microsoft had stated that they had no intention of updating the game for Windows 8 Phones.

However, it seems that the company has finally had a change of heart as the game has now been re-published for Windows Phone 8.x devices while at the same time offering support for 512 MB Windows Phones. In fact, the company republished almost 40 Xbox LIVE game titles a couple of days ago and Ms. Splosion Man was one of them.

Ms. Splosion Man 1

Ms. Splosion Man 2

Ms. Splosion Man 3

Ms. Splosion Man 4

For anyone who is not familiar with the game, Ms. Splosion Man is the result of a failed experiment in a Big Science laboratory. The scientists in the lab accidentally created a person capable of exploding at will. Players are required to splode their way through obstacle filled platforms as well as avoid enemies to try and help Ms. Splosion Man escape the laboratory. The game packs quite a punch with explosions, demolitions, and epic boss battles keeping the game entertaining and engaging.

Ms. Splosion Man is available on the Windows Phone Store for $2.99, but you can try the game before you buy.

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