Zombie Smasher Arrives on Windows to Satisfy Your Unending Craving for Zombie Annihilation

Zombie Smasher Windows 8 (1)
Zombies… what would we do without them? These undead creatures are supposed to terrify us with their antics but thanks to game developers, we spend countless hours bashing, smashing, shooting, and crushing them on our game devices. If you have exhausted the list of zombie-themed games on your Windows devices, here’s another one to add to your list: Zombie Smasher.

Zombie Smasher Windows 8 (2)Zombie Smasher Windows 8 (3)Zombie Smasher Windows 8 (4)Zombie Smasher Windows 8 (5)
Zombie Smasher is all about defending your home from a mob of zombies who have invaded your town. You just have to tap on the zombies to smash them to oblivion, but watch out for those pesky neighborhood kids who come in the way. The game features three game modes, a Story Mode, a Survival Mode and a Time mode and you can take your turns at smashing the seven different types of zombies in the 60 or so levels of gameplay. Oh! and there are some interesting powerups to make things extra fun too!

Zombie Smasher is available on the Windows Store for $1.49 and on the Windows Phone Store for $0.99. Enjoy!

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