Zombie Tsunami Makes Waves On Windows Phone 8

Zombie Tsunami Cover

The hit zombie endless runner from Mobigame, Zombie Tsunami, is now on Windows Phone 8! From the short time it has been on both iOS and Android platforms it has amassed a 4.5 star rating, so it could be considered a top endless runner for the genre.

Zombie Tsunami (1)Zombie Tsunami (2)Zombie Tsunami (3)Zombie Tsunami (4)

If you haven’t heard of Zombie Tsunami before it is an interesting take on the endless runner genre that really makes it stand out. You start out with one zombie, as you run into people you eat them and turn them into more zombies. Keep doing this and you’ll soon have a zombie horde on your hands. If you hit an obstacle you lose a few zombies, so it is good to have a large horde. Also with a large horde you can overturn cars and trucks to gain bonus zombies. The other interesting aspect of Zombie Tsunami is the claymation style which really separates it from the mass of pixel graphics. While you may be tired of endless runners, Zombie Tsunami is one well worth the shot, so check it out on the Windows Store today.

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